It so happened that one day, a lovely girl named Domiziana decided to undertake a project that would likely drain the life out of me if I had to manage it, but she can, because she’s just that great.

So she gathered together 31 photographers, asked them if they would like to shoot one photo per month (each), with their phone, for Instagram, and opened an account to which all 31 photographers will submit one photo each per month, following a strict calendar.

She (we) called it The Instant Collective.

It’s new, tiny, fresh, hopeful.

It’s been live for barely a month and it already looks so beautiful, it has no purpose other than showing off what 31 different minds perceive as beautiful and display it all together, one photo per day, one day at a time. I’m one of the peas in this pod but I am so very much excited to see how far this project will go.

If you’re interested in knowing who’s shot a particular photo, you need only read the description, but really, just follow the account.
You won’t regret it. We’re a good bunch, I promise.


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As every story, we will start from a blank sheet. Photo by @colorsinbw | #vsco #typewriter #writing

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Destination weddings are something I wasn’t expecting to get for the first few years of my venture into wedding photography. And yet, a few years in, I’ve already shot two weddings in France and two in Italy, as well as in a bunch of different places around t he UK. Believe it or not I am still pinching myself, and whenever a new enquire for a destination wedding hits my inbox, I can’t help but feeling so surprised and humbled to the point of almost believing they must have made a mistake.
The last wedding I shot in Italy was last year. When Marcella first enquired she told me of how she’s been following me since I shared a mocking post about hipsters on my old personal blog, and how she loved it so much that started following my modest photography journey. This was years ago.
I was fascinated and intrigued when she also showed me her work; she’s a wedding photographer too as well as an awesome cosplay photographer, so when she told me the sort of wedding she had in mind (a Pirate Wedding. Yup, that’s right.) the little people in my head went screaming around in excitement, and I started counting down months and days to her day.

When I arrived in Italy I was welcomed in her home, as she and her friends were preparing the cake for the day after and playing World of Warcraft. We went for a walk around the town and bought a large poster board sheet on which we would later on draw the absolutely awesome seating plan whilst nomming on local pizza and home made delicious treats.

This is just a few photos I took the day before hers and Lorenzo’s wedding. I couldn’t help myself, as all of that was around me was so messy and beautiful. Including her two cats.


Last year I had the pleasure and honour to second shoot a beautiful wedding for Sharon Cooper.

She’s been in the business for years and has a unique style, as well as being a lovely person and a delight to work for.
Laura & Paul’s wedding took place at the Tewin Bury Farm. Both the ceremony and the reception were held in a beautiful small barn with a mezzanine balcony lurking over the top, and my task for the day was to photograph the pretty details that Laura had arranged (she had made pompoms herself to match the colour palette), as well as flowers (perfectly arranged by Gilly Bean Flowers), cake, and general prettiness of the place. And of course the guests.

So I arrived a short time before the ceremony started, and whilst Sharon was busy photographing Laura’s prep (you can see Sharon’s photos here) I started snapping.

I remember when I first started photographing weddings, I was OBSESSED with wedding details. All I wanted to do was taking pictures of the details. I think people scared me a bit, and so I thought it safer to stick with inanimate objects, secretly hoping to get better at photographing people by photographing engraved forks and pretty name tags.

What. A. Fool.

Nonetheless, when someone goes to this sort of extent to make their wedding day as lovely as they had pictured it in their mind, I would gladly do whatever I can to photograph them as best as I can.

I hope you’ll love them too.

Photostories_Wedding_Details_021Photostories_Wedding_Details_002Photostories_Wedding_Details_001Photostories_Wedding_Details_003Photostories_Wedding_Details_005Photostories_Wedding_Details_006Photostories_Wedding_Details_011Photostories_Wedding_Details_012Photostories_Wedding_Details_013Photostories_Wedding_Details_014Photostories_Wedding_Details_015Photostories_Wedding_Details_023Photostories_Wedding_Details_022Photostories_Wedding_Details_007Photostories_Wedding_Details_008Photostories_Wedding_Details_009Photostories_Wedding_Details_016Photostories_Wedding_Details_018Photostories_Wedding_Details_019Photostories_Wedding_Details_017Photostories_Wedding_Details_010Photostories_Wedding_Details_026Photostories_Wedding_Details_027View this Photostory →

  • February 24, 2015 - 12:41 pm

    kasey loftin - the colors are so great. love the details you captured!ReplyCancel

  • February 24, 2015 - 5:02 pm

    Amanda Schwinghammer - Gorgeous! Love all their flower crowns and the colors!ReplyCancel

  • February 26, 2015 - 10:52 pm

    Sarah - Beautiful shots Martina. I’ve never second shot for anyone before but I imagine there must be a lovely sense of freedom to it. Well caught hon, as always xReplyCancel

  • February 27, 2015 - 12:59 pm

    Jenny Owens - Absolutely lovely set Martina and I’m sure Sharon and the bride and groom loved these.ReplyCancel

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    Kathryn - Nicely shot. Very pretty. xReplyCancel

Since I started blogging my couples’ weddings, I have always loved writing a little sum up of their story.

This will sound cheesy, but falling in love is such an encompassing experience that very few people will live this experience without feeling the need to shout their feelings from a hilltop. We don’t do that, clearly. Who has time to climb a hilltop?

The feeling and urge to share a beautiful story however is something that remains, and that’s why my couples are always happy to chat about their experience and they love it when they can put it down in a few words that will accompany their Photostory.
This usually happens in person and I would then do a small write up to go in the blog post.

It does however happens, sometimes, that a bride or a groom is so happy and eager to tell it all, that they just come up with their own write-up themselves and I love it when that happens, because nobody could tell it better than them, who lived it.

So here’s the story of Jessica & Kenneth, written by Jess herself. You’ll find that the very beginning of it has actually already been shared here


…Our decision to get married abroad wasn’t all easy, we knew there would be some family and friends that wouldn’t be able to make it which was hard. However, right from the start we promised ourselves not to get caught up in trying to make everyone else happy and just to focus on our dream day. We wanted our wedding to be relaxed and elegant. We didn’t want anything too formal or traditional just because we felt like we had to. We did tonnes of research online using blogs including French Wedding Style and lots and lots of Pinterest! I also read Cosmopolitan Bride and White magazine in Australia more than I care to admit.

Kenneth and I were probably the most laid back couple ever to plan a wedding – we were so relaxed about most of it and refused to get stressed. As we travelled for three months before our wedding took place (we had our honeymoon first!) we needed to make sure pretty much everything was organised before we left Australia. Thanks to email, Skype and Google we were able to plan any last minute details as we were travelling including my wedding dress. I had ordered one from Etsy before leaving Australia and had it shipped to London however it was a mini disaster so with just 2 weeks to go I had to find a new one. Thankfully David’s Bridal saved the day and I found my real dream dress just in time.

Our day was everything we’d dreamed of and more. We didn’t have a bridal party, just our little flower girl Lily who I used to nanny when we lived in Sydney. My sister Hannah and Kenneth’s brother Nicholas were our witnesses and in front of 20 close friends and family we had the most memorable day of our lives. As everyone stayed in the Chateau (Chateau de la Couronne), it made for a real wedding ‘experience’ that lasted for three days and meant that everyone was able to relax and enjoy every moment. We would strongly suggest arranging similar accommodation for guests if possible as it makes the whole wedding all the more memorable and special. Our only other advice for couples looking to get married overseas is to not get too stressed over the little details, at the end of the day getting married overseas is special enough in itself and if you focus on a few key elements that are special to you (for us it was venue, food and photography) it’s bound to be a unique and magical wedding.


Photostories_French_Wedding_0005Photostories_French_Wedding_0003Photostories_French_Wedding_0002Photostories_French_Wedding_0001Photostories_French_Wedding_0004Photostories_French_Wedding_0006Photostories_French_Wedding_0007Photostories_French_Wedding_0008Photostories_French_Wedding_0009Photostories_French_Wedding_0010Photostories_French_Wedding_0011Photostories_French_Wedding_0012Photostories_French_Wedding_0013Photostories_French_Wedding_0014Photostories_French_Wedding_0015Photostories_French_Wedding_0016Photostories_French_Wedding_0017Photostories_French_Wedding_0018Photostories_French_Wedding_0019Photostories_French_Wedding_0020Photostories_French_Wedding_0028Photostories_French_Wedding_0024Photostories_French_Wedding_0029Photostories_French_Wedding_0030Photostories_French_Wedding_0031Photostories_French_Wedding_0032Photostories_French_Wedding_0037Photostories_French_Wedding_0025Photostories_French_Wedding_0026Photostories_French_Wedding_0027Photostories_French_Wedding_0033Photostories_French_Wedding_0035Photostories_French_Wedding_0034Photostories_French_Wedding_0036Photostories_French_Wedding_0038Photostories_French_Wedding_0039Photostories_French_Wedding_0040View this Photostory →

  • February 16, 2015 - 4:36 pm

    Jenny Owens - Absolutely beautiful images Martina, and I love that you get your couples to write their own story to go with their images.ReplyCancel

  • February 23, 2015 - 11:04 am

    John - Superb work in what looks like a fairytale venue :) ReplyCancel

The internet has something to say about the most discussed and argued celebration, people. It has many things to say, actually. You should all listen very carefully as well, because the internet is taking over.

Happy Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day you cheesy soppy lot!