Last Tuesday was definitely the hottest day of the year so far, and as it always happens on the first properly warm day of the year, here in gloomy Britain, people come out to play in the sun, wear flip-flops and have barbecues.

Pammie, Matt and I paid a visit at dusk to Regent’s Park and took their engagement pictures, and it was an adequately awesome way of spending some time in the sun.
They were absolute naturals in front of the camera and the light was framing them in such a perfect way.

It was a very relaxed hour, we strolled around the first garden and enjoyed the breeze and warmth. We chatted about their plans for their wedding, the (real!) struggle of having to taste 16 courses to choose what they would have liked at their reception. Work, house, life. I do love shooting engagements, it’s such a beautiful way to connect and have a laugh with two total strangers and have them relax in front of the camera without the pressure of the guests waiting for you to be done with your photos to be able to sit down and eat.

I can not recommend engagement pictures enough, they are very important and I believe in this so much that I actually have them available as complementary in one of my packages, because the benefits of having pictures taken in a stress-free environment before your wedding day outweighs any cons this arguable financial decision might have.

So if you’re wondering whether or not you should bother, do have one.



  • April 21, 2015 - 1:40 pm

    Katy Mutch - These are gorgeous Martina, fab light!ReplyCancel

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    Aga - So lovely! I love her hair!ReplyCancel

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    Lindsay - A lovely set of images! I really like the movement in the second image- the black and white- nice contrast, too! Great job!ReplyCancel

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    Yolande - Gorgeous light and I LOVE Pammie’s hair!ReplyCancel

Exactly a year ago today, at 6am I was jumping on a train to Gloucester to go and meet Emily and Jess from Bespoke Bride to be part of an amazing photoshoot they organised for the launch The Online Wedding Show.

It was the very first styled shoot I’ve ever had the honour to be part of, and I could have not wished for anything more fun.

It was quite a windy day, and when I arrived at the Blackfriars Priory I found Sophie & Laura of Strange Case working their magic on a gorgeous backdrop (which you’ll see below) and a table that they were decorating whilst Yvette from Flower Barn was adding the cutest and prettiest little flowers everywhere.

Chanelle and Kate were having their hair and make up done by Wedding Paint and they looked beautiful in their Oh My Honey and Federica Bruno dresses. Our male model joined us as we started to shoot the first batch of photos and suited up (thanks to Topman for the contribution).

Crown & Glory provided the accessories for the day and I can’t get over how perfectly they matched everything else.

It was a very long and amazing day and Jess & Emily were absolute stars from start to finish. I had so much fun and by the end of the day I was exhausted. I can’t wait to see the behind-the-scene video filmed during the day by James from Just Say Yes Film.

Special mention to Style & Joy for the prettiest stationery EVER, Curious Fair for providing the confetti poppers, Curtis & Co Cakes for the delicious meringues and stunning (alas, fake) cake and to the incredibly lovely Paula from The Giant Balloon Company, who let me breathe in the helium when it was time to take her babies down and let me make silly high-pitched voices. Thank you Paula, I mean it.

(I am a child).

And of course none of this would have happened if Emily and Jess hadn’t been the most fun and adorable people to have around and for their patience in organising everything. I admire their passion and I wish we lived closer. Much love for you ladies.


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    Yolande De Vries - All my favourite geometrics, chevrons and coloured balloons! Positively feels like summer.ReplyCancel

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    Jenny Owens - I can’t believe it was a year ago now! I love these bright colours and your photography.ReplyCancel

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    Clare Tam-Im - Gorgeous work! Those colours!! Feels just like summerReplyCancel

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    Katy Mutch - Love this!ReplyCancel

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    Laura Babb - So colourful and joyful. Ace work.ReplyCancel

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Before moving in with him, I used to share a flat in central London with two of my dearest friends.

It was a council condo between Camden and Tottenham Court Road, and I have the fondest memories of that place. It wasn’t particularly pretty: the furniture was old and mismatched, the kitchen was tiny and the PVC on the floor was stained and risen up on the corners. The bathroom was separate from the toilet (why…London, why?) and the sink was the small corner one. It had a bathtub though.

Milou and I could smoke inside, and Carola was patient enough to put up with the smell of cigarettes that lingered onto the sofas and curtains. We had the best parties and dinner nights there, and our friends had started to call our place ‘the Chickery’.

There is one thing that was objectively beautiful and that, along with the evenings with the girls, I miss so much: the view from my bedroom’s window.

Every time the sun would move or the weather change, it offered a whole new view and feel, and could influence my mood from the moment I woke up in the morning and looked out. It was so beautiful and breathtaking that I couldn’t help but photographing it, every time I could.

One day the landlady knocked on our door and told us the condo was going to be taken down in the next few years to make space for a new train station.

Oh, London.

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    Anna Taylor - What a view and what memories. Love this.ReplyCancel

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    Gioia De Antoniis - I miss the Chickery too. <3ReplyCancel

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    Sonia - How beautiful, some memories are treasured foreverReplyCancel

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    Belinda - I love the ever changing beauty! It’s funny… the small little things that linger in the after. The memories, the smells, the feelings, this is awesome!ReplyCancel

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    Simone Anne - I’m obsessed with these. So many stunning skies and incredible clouds and colors and the SNOW and everything. Love love love. Incredible how visually interesting and how much variety you’ve got from the same spot. I’m so in love with this!ReplyCancel

There is plenty of articles for wedding photographers around the web about how to offer a top-notch customer service and what are the things you can do to make them feel appreciated as customers and as people in general (such as making sure you feed the wedding photographer).


However, I have never seen anything that might help a soon-to-marry couple build the best relationship they can with their wedding photographer.

I know, the title makes it sound like we’re hard work, delicate wilting flowers but also demanding and entitled. But that’s not what this is about at all.

This is about knowing what will strike a chord in the heart of that one person charged to be the figuratively omni-present stranger at your wedding, in a way that makes him/her love you and bond with you. It’s about little acts of kindness  and wanting to make sure their heart and dedication is sincere because you made it so.


  1. You will have a first impression of them, but they will have a first impression of you.

    That’s why it’s always nice for us to receive enquiries that don’t read ‘I’m getting married next year, what do you charge?’. Nobody is saying prices are not important and you should not ask the question, but adding a few nice words to your initial enquiry – just out of politeness – will go a long way. If you have already looked at their websites and are contacting them because you’ve loved their work, then tell them. If you’re just fishing around for prices, make an effort to at least make the email a bit more personal.


  2. There’s nothing wrong with being on a budget and saying so.

    But haggling to get a lower price is not something accepted, appreciated and expected in the wedding industry. If you have a limited budget, you and your photographer can work together to figure out a way to get a different kind of coverage for less pennies, if they offer bespoke services (or they just want to help). But expecting a full day coverage and then just ask to knock off a few hundred pounds just because


  3. Don’t tell them about the comparison you’ve made with any other photographer.

    Which means don’t say things such as ‘I’ve heard that guy can offer the same as you for half the price, can you match’?, or ‘Can you try and mimic this style of photos? (following a link to another photographer’s website that clearly has a different style), or even ‘that photographer delivered a billion photos in, like, TWO DAYS. When can we have ours?’.


  4. If you have strong opinions against any aspect of booking a wedding photographer – keep them to yourself.

    I understand that booking a wedding photographer might not be a priority for you (…really though?), but if you think they’re not worth the price, or if you think your uncle bob could do on his own, and yet you decide to go ahead and book a wedding photographer, keep any sort of remark about your doubts away from your photographer’s ears on the day of your wedding.


  5. Don’t disappear when everything is done and dusted.

    Here’s the worst kept secret of the wedding industry: feedback is nice. After you receive the very final product (be that an online gallery, a disc or an album for example), you’re really happy with it and there’s no real need for further communication between you and your wedding photographer, do pop an email over – even just to say ‘I received the parcel and we really like it, thank you’. It makes such a difference and could easily make our day.


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    Sharon Cooper - Ha ha! Im sure you could have made it a top 10! Great use of gifs!ReplyCancel

  • April 27, 2015 - 8:01 am

    5 KILLER TIPS FOR FINDING YOUR PERFECT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! | Bespoke-Bride: Wedding Blog - […] Here we go! Start emailing, and make sure you don’t sound like you’re just fishing for prices, even if deep down in your heart that’s exactly what you think you’re doing. Add a few nice words, a bit of what plans you have for your wedding day, and also have realistic expectations budget-wise. And since we’re here, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: any photographer’s wet dream is to receive enquiries from people who have been fan of their work forever and want JUST THEM AND NO ONE ELSE. Here. Do what you want with it. Just be nice! […]ReplyCancel