Cara and Charles | Scottish twists and amazing swords

Back in April 2011 I had the honour and privilege to be Cara and Charles’ wedding photographer. This day has been a breath of fresh air, really.

First of all, I had never seen happier people attending a wedding. It’s been the very first English ceremony I had the opportunity to witness and I was amazed to see how it was all organized; from the timing to the dress code (this I particularly liked), everything was new to me.
Being used to Italian weddings, I was also quite surprised that the reception didn’t include a 7 courses meal and that, at the end of the dinner, every one was still full of energy and ready to dance.
Cara and Charles used to work together and it is at their workplace that they first met.

The Ceremony took place at the Saint Nicholas with Mary Magdalene church in Chiswick – London. It was a bit annoying to not be able to teleport super fast from one side of the church to another, I really liked the windows’ scheme and pattern, they let the rays leak from the top and cast a striking light inside.
The reception was held at Pissarro, a lovely little restaurant along the riverside to which we headed following a piper ( I loved the idea) who was also welcoming the just married couple outside the church after the ceremony.
I was honestly moved by the bride’s dad speech and Cara looked like a fairytale princess.
It’s been a great day and I’ll never thank Cara and Charles enough for choosing me for their special day.


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