Meet the girl

Hello! Welcome to my tiny corner!

I’m Martina, an Italian photographer from Sicily, Londoner by adoption since 2008 and very much passionate about roasted chicken, karaoke and purple.

I love many things and I dislike a few; I have a newly discovered and growing passion for succulents and cactuses, I suspect that I see myself a little thinner than I actually am (I blame my mirror for it), I know by heart most of Disney Classics’ soundtracks and I enjoy fine cuisine just as much as junk food.

I like metaphors and I can basically compare anything to anything. Then I (usually) keep it to myself.

I will never ever be happy with my hair and I will always draw something when I find a blank page and a pen. I will draw until every single inch in that page is covered in ink.

The tiny green cute thing you see above is a cactus, drawn by one of my lovely brides (Alessandra). It’s called TeeTee and it’s Photostories’ mascotte.

The picture of my face on the left was taken by Sara Elin, she’s incredibly talented and sweet.

If you feel like chatting, I’m always blabbering stuff on Twitter, so come along!