Paolo & Rosalba

Paolo & Rosalba got married back in 1984 (on February 7h) and have loved each other since then.
There are no professionally-taken pictures of their wedding day as they didn’t hire a photographer (unfortunately I wasn’t even on this planet at that time!).
27 year after, on a random day and without any particular reason I have personally asked if I could have the honour to take some picture of the two of them, just because they deserved it.
The location was a park in a little town (Gravina di Catania) in Sicily. Within the park there is a theatre in which Rosalba used to held some of her shows when she was part of a little acting company and Paolo did work there with another acting company too when they were in their twenties.
Over the years they went back there many times, always together, they even held shows on their own and took their two daughters there to have some fun time.
The place seemed appropriate. And beautiful.

There are people in your life you should never charge any fee to.

Paolo and Rosalba are my dad and mum.

Just in case you’re wondering, in this picture they were simply waiting for the olives to fall from the tree.

I know.

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