Stefano & Aurelie | An Engagement Session in Holland Park

Aurelie is French, Stefano is Italian.
They met when they were both studying in Spain.
Stefano talks a lot, and he does all those hands’ movements Italian people are known for (I could see a lot of my friends’ gesture in him); this makes Aurelie giggle and Stefano is happy because he made her smile. When I spoke to them about what they do during the day when they have time to spend home, it felt like nothing in their relationship was more important than the daily little effort to make each other smile.
Aurelie talks to Stefano in French, he answers back in Italian. They want to have two kids.
This is surely one of the most nice couples on this planet.

I will be their wedding photographer later this year. For their engagement session we headed to Holland Park in London, where Stefano uses to go riding his bike when the weather allows him to. We were expecting the sky was supposed to give us nothing but a gray and creamy layer of clouds but we found a perfectly warm and bright sunset (which I love) instead and some perfect spot in which we could let it come through the leaves on the trees.
They were both a bit nervous about staying in front of the camera, so I let them talking to each other about their future and everything came naturally.
These guys are so fun to be with, I could have spent the whole day just hanging around Holland park without realizing the sun was going down.

I honestly envy them a bit.

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